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Choose The Right Golf Driver

Driving distance is one of the key factors, which determines success on the golf course. It is important, therefore that you choose a driver which helps to achieve as great a distance on your shots as possible. This guide has been designed to help you do just that.

Drivers are usually made out of steel, titanium or a composite of titanium and other materials. Steel is generally the least expensive of the metals, and steel drivers usually mean restrictions on the size of the club head, due to the increased weight of the steel and relative weakness of the material. Steel drivers should not be dismissed, however, as they are very durable and solid and offer consistent shots.

The relatively lightweight nature of titanium enables manufacturers to produce clubs with larger heads, which leads to improved levels of forgiveness and an enhanced 'sweet spot.' Not only is titanium an ideal choice for golfers looking to improve their overall game, it is also a durable material which will resist impact damage and corrosion. The benefits of titanium are at a price, however, as it is the most expensive material and this is reflected in the cost of titanium drivers.

Composite drivers combine titanium with non metal elements, such as carbon, making for a lightweight structure. By reducing the weight of the head of the club, golfers can centre the weight of the driver nearer to the face, making for a larger sweet spot and increased forgiveness.

When choosing a driver, golfers should consider the following:

Driver loft

The loft of a club refers to the angle of the clubface. This has a bearing on the lift and trajectory of shots. A driver's loft is between 7 and 12 degrees and the lower the degree, the further the distance attained off the tee. However, drivers with lower lofts often make it difficult to keep the ball straight and airborne.

Driver shaft

As the main power centre of the driver, the shaft is usually made out of either steel or graphite. Steel is heavier, and offers optimum control, whilst graphite is lighter, offering greater distance.

Shaft flex

The amount of flex in the shaft refers to the amount of bend and should be matched to your swing. For golfers with a weak swing, a driver with a flexible shaft is advised, whilst those with a stronger swing should opt for a stiffer shaft, which will offer greater control.

Beginners should bear in mind that drivers designed to achieve maximum distance will require a certain degree of skill to control, so look for a shaft which is flexible enough to offer good distance, but is also easy enough to keep your swing under control.

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