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Land Negotiations

We have the depth of knowledge, breadth of experience, and multidisciplinary resources to provide our clients with smart, innovative solutions in securing land and rights in good time before the construction period commences.

Where necessary we can facilitate involuntary relocation of rights and immoveable properties in order to allow for the development of client's infrastructure. We have the expertise required in resolving servitude and construction questions and concerns raised by Landowners.

We have the ability to locate legal owner of properties affected by our client's projects and infrastructure. We negotiate with landowner so as to facilitate the acquisition of land and/or rights for client's projects. We pride ourselves with concluding the agreement within reasonable times with landowners. This also help our client's turnaround times for development to commence without glitches.

Ourbiosphere has been providing comprehensive environmental planning, regulatory compliance to businesses and government clients in South Africa. We have a robust scientific expertise with sound technical skills to provide solutions to a full spectrum of Land and Rights Negotiations.

We also strive to correctly complete and acquire landowner's signature on the appropriate sections on the relevant documents. Negotiate and handle any structure or infrastructure relocations to ensure that client's project can be built on a clear servitude or land.

We strive to visit each landowner before construction starts to get an required access forms to be signed and to explain the our client's construction process. Co-ordinate all issues relating to the Landowner to ensure that these are timeously and effectively addressed. This includes making sure that Land and Rights issues are directed to the correct channels and once received that the solutions are implemented and the matter closed out.

What we can Offer you

  • Tribal and Community Resolutions
  • Topographical Mapping base map designs and planning
  • Synchronizations for Land and rights Negotiations with Land Valuations appraisals
  • Administration of Cadastral Survey preparations and Interpretation
  • Deeds Registration (Property)
  • Land Acquisition negotiation and facilitation (Substations and Power lines Servitudes)
  • Land Use Studies (Agricultural, Residential, etc)


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