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Be A Better Guitar Player

Mastery in playing the guitar is categorized into three: technique, attitude, and tools. As many skills, guitar playing also comes with different techniques which differ from one person to another. This includes the approach that a person has when playing the guitar, be it for contemporary music or traditional. It is also dependent on the kind of guitar one uses. It could be an electric guitar, a classical guitar or an acoustic guitar, but the point is how the person practices and trains himself to teach the fingers the kind of music he wants to play. Look at how a player on stage moves his body as he strums his guitar, unconsciously he is using his own body technique to come up with the sound he want to express. The way a player strums is also part of a technique, be it good or bad. There are those who play fast and there are those who play lightly. Practicing the chords is a sure guarantee of playing better guitar music.

The willingness to play the guitar and the belief that generates the effectiveness of playing it depends on the player's attitude. Practice is the keyword in order to be a successful guitar player. It takes more than practicing just thirty minutes a day to become and accomplished player. If the player does not practice he will end up knowing little more about the instrument than you did when you started.

Pick out any famous guitar player or teacher and try to emulate him. Research and discover how he has become successful. Try to adapt the good things that have led him to success. Be organized and focused. Start by logging all of the practice sessions that you complete. Write down what went well and what went wrong and start practicing from three to five hours a day. Practice, rest, and then practice again.

A little discipline, regardless of whether you have an inborn talent or not for playing the guitar, can better your chances of becoming a good guitar player. Review past notes that you have taken; keep these notes on the table or where they are easily visible. Focus and visualize playing the chords. Then play them with the guitar and be aware of the mistakes that might make. Improve the reaction of the fingers by slowly pressing each fret for notes until you can play them comfortably at a manageable speed.

The main point is to be very serious about guitar playing. Be your own first judge before others have to. When you have accomplished all of these things, then it's time to show off.


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