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When attending a weekend music festival, it is important to remember that it will probably not be based at a proper campsite with decent facilities. You will need a tent of course, and a sleeping bag with a camping mattress or roll of foam to go underneath, as the ground could be hard and uncomfortable to lie on. Many people go to music festivals on public transport, and can only carry a certain amount with them. Those who are travelling by car, caravan or campervan, will be able to take more equipment, such as camping stoves and supplies of food, but if you are on foot this is impractical and unnecessary.

There is always catering available at music festivals, and food is widely available to buy. Non-perishable snacks that are easy to carry can be taken to cut down on costs, for example, cereal bars and biscuits. It is also important to remember that items are often stolen at music festivals, particularly from tents, so do not buy equipment that is expensive, and always carry money and valuables on your person, or leave them at home.

If you are travelling by foot, you will also need a rucksack to carry everything in. These can be bought for a reasonable price from camping and outdoors shops, and are widely available. You do not need to buy an expensive one. Other items that are essential are - boots or wellingtons, as it can get really muddy, baby wipes, as washing facilities are non-existent, sunscreen, tooth brush and toothpaste, toilet roll, painkillers, water, a torch, outdoor clothing and a waterproof jacket.

You should try to travel as light as possible and make a list of the items that you will require before you go, to save forgetting them, and having to buy them when you are at the festival. A good tip is to take some spare plastic bags to keep clothes and other items dry, and for putting soiled and wet clothes in. If you remember to take all these things, you should have a good time at the music festival, and feel comfortable and relaxed.


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