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Landing Gigs As A Magician

As a wedding magician, you can have great opportunities in marketing your skills. There are many ways for you to do that.

- For example, during the awkward period while waiting for the couple's arrival in the venue of the reception, you can help lighten up the tension by providing entertainment. Sometimes it may take a while for the newlyweds to come to the reception, and it is not a good and pleasant idea for every one to be in a room that is full of almost complete strangers waiting for the couple to arrive. A magician like you can help ease this problem, and help people talk and laugh.

- In every reception, there is a DJ or a show band hired to entertain the guests. However, a magician like you can be a nice change from the usual dancing. While guests are eating their dinner, you can give 45 minutes of laughter and fun. You can do delightful tricks such as floating roses to offer to the wedding bridesmaid.

- It pays to do some research. Can you find out if there are many children that are going to be present at the wedding reception? If so, then you can make a show for the children, providing a nice diversion for them while their parents mingle.

- The tips above will bolster your record as a quality wedding magician who has a good reputation when it comes to performing on wedding occasions. However, if you are relatively free from your wedding gigs, why not make some promotional brochures for your target market. Your business card or brochure should say that you are the


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