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A Fun and Easy Coin Trick

Performing magic tricks is a lot of fun. Everyone loves seeing a great magic trick. However, many of the magic tricks are too difficult for just anyone to learn. There are some tricks that are easier to do and are also entertaining. Here is a fun and easy coin trick that anyone can do that's fun and will entertain people.

All that's needed for this coin trick is ten pennies (or any coin will do) and a hat or paper bag. The coins need to all have a different date on them. They should be placed in the hat or paper bag. You will also need a group of people - at least 10 or so - to make this trick work. You will see why in a few seconds.

What you will do is give the coin or hat to one person in the group. Ask them to examine all the coins to make sure they have different dates. Once that is confirmed, ask that person to choose one coin out of the hat (or bag). Then have them pass the coin to every person in the group so they can all see the date. Once everyone has looked at the coin, then have them place that coin back in the hat (or bag) and take the hat back. Reach into the hat and pull out the coin that was chosen. They'll be amazed that you chose the right one.

It's not difficult to perform this trick. You aren't required to do anything but to choose the coin that is the warmest. Remember the coin that was chosen was passed to every person in the group so that would make that coin warmer than all the rest. Yet no one will really figure that out. But to make the entire trick work you have to be sure that the coin has a chance to get warm. So make sure that it passes through plenty of hands and is handled by enough people. Otherwise this easy trick won't work and it won't be fun and it won't impress anyone.

This really is a fun and easy coin trick. Yet it's also very entertaining and will impress everyone who sees it. You just need to make sure that you have enough people in the group so that the coin will be warmed up from being handled. If you do then you can't go wrong with this trick.

About the Author: For more advanaced magic tricks like the ones you see magicians like Criss Angel do on television check out Master Mentalism.


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