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Finding The Right Guide For Small Game Hunting

For many small game hunters, a guide is essential for a successful hunt. It may become critical in selected instances when a hunter has to decide what he has to do to handle a particular situation. Most guides can work effectively with both beginners and experts to ensure that all have an exhilarating and fun time while hunting.

Here are some tips for finding the right guide and outfitter for hunting game:

1. Look for an organization that lists location guides and outfitters. There are sites on the Internet that provide information for a hunter to find places in the United States, Africa, Canada, Mexico and other possible places that offer small game hunting.

2. He should check to determine if the chosen location for small game hunting requires the hunters to have licenses and/or permits to hunt or for the outfitter and guide. Check the qualifications of the person(s) he would like to accompany him: he should meet the proper requirements and have the permits needed to hunt.

3. He needs to avoid outfitters who are operating illegally: a hunter certainly does not want to use illegal guides. Confirmation can be obtained from the State Department's Wildlife Bureau. Make a list of guides who operate legally and require all hunters to have the necessary licenses and permits.

4. Make sure that the guide is in good standing especially if licensing is needed. If a guide or hunters' license was suspended or lost, the Wildlife Bureau can confirm the suspension.

5. Know the reputation and the track record of the outfitter or guide and how long he has been operating. Be certain they are operating with legal permits. This will help the hunter have an idea of what kind of guide service is available.

6. Ask for references to determine if the outfitter or guide is reputable and capable of providing good service.

Another important thing that should be considered is the cost and/or rates of the outfitter and guide. Ask for information about package deals they might offer for hunting trips. To obtain a better picture of the service they can provide, ask the residents of the area what they think and/or know about the outfitter and guide.


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